ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO / 2018

ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO is a series of electroacoustic performative sound events premiering works created in collaboration between a Slovenian and an international artist.

artists 2018:
Ana Kravanja (SLO) – Laura Netz (ES, GB)
Wednesday, 7 March 2018 at 8:00 p.m., Kino Šiška, Komuna Hall, Ljubljana

Borut Savski (SLO) – Disinformation  (GB)
Wednesday, 21 March 2018 at 8:00 p.m., Kino Šiška, Komuna Hall, Ljubljana
Thursday, 22.March 2018at 8:00 p.m., CMK Koper

Mauricius Valdes (SLO) – Seppo Gruendler (AT)
Tuesday 3. April. 2018, at 8:00 p.m., Kino Šiška, Komuna Hall,Ljubljana
Wednesday, 4. April.2018 at 8:00 p.m., Layerjeva Hiša, Kranj

Ana Kravanja is a violin player and singer that collaborates with Slovenian and foreign musicians and dancers performing improvisation music. In duo Najoua they create own music on fourteen kalimbas, in trio Širom [pronounced Shirom] they use a variety of classical, traditional and D.I.Y. instruments. She created Kompozicija za pepel [A Composition for Ashes], a sculptural installation with live sound material (2013), Glacies [Glaces] (music for fridge shelves), a structured improvisation for a quartet, and composition Tinnitus for an octet (2014). She is the co-creator of multimedia project Resurekcija [Resurrection] (concept and directed by Bratko Bibič, 2016). She is also one-tenth of group Olfamoštvo.

Laura Netz Curator, artist, and researcher. Currently, she is a Ph.D. student at Crisap – UAL, where she studies the new tendencies in curatorial practices and cultural management in sonic arts. Interested in sound art, science, technology and digital media, she is an active participant in hacking culture.  One of the future activities which support her practice-based research is the exhibition “Sounding D.I.Y.”

Borut Savski is an intermedia artist and composer, artistically active in different areas from 1994 on. Presented different collaborations and solo concepts: performances, instruments, autonomous objects/sculptures, frequent collaborations with musicians and artists. In the last five year period mostly occupied with autonomous mechanisms/algorithms, tactile interfaces and interactive/generative means of creation of sound/music. Next to this in the process of re-approaching the music as the antipode of the latter.

Disinformation is an electronic music and installation art project, founded by Joe Banks in 1995, which produces works focused on electromagnetic (radio) noise, and on the psychology of perception and illusion. Disinformation artworks have been described as “actively thrilling” by the Financial Times and as “mesmerizing” by Aesthetica magazine. Disinformation is based in London, UK.

Mauricio Valdes
Since 1996 his work focuses on the artistic development and application of technology, searching for forms of interactive means for creation of sound. His catalog, with more than 40 works, crosses various areas of sound, stage and film art. Has been s regular guest at 15 universities, cultural and research centers in 8 countries. As a cultural manager, he was active as artistic and musical director of 5 festivals in Mexico, Spain, and Slovenia. Parallel to his artistic career, he runs an independent itinerant space called Blue SoundHub, now based in Ljubljana, running a diverse program sponsored by the Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry through the Mexican Embassy in Vienna, along with a vast number of local artists and institutions that are dedicated to music, sound, and research. www.mvsanemeterio.wix.com/mvsanemeterio

Seppo Gründler, Sound and media artist, software, and electronics tinkerer. Main instruments are guitar, electronics, and software. Visiting professor of sound design at Donau-University Krems, member of the board of directors of the Institute for Media Archeology and the Society for Dissemination and Distribution of New Music, teaches Sound/Interaction Design at the Institute of Design and Communication/FH JOANNEUM. He has performed and his work was shown in numerous venues and is released on CD, Vinyl and online. gruendler.mur.at

The ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO series is a multiannual music performative project connecting international and Slovene sound artists and performers through the research, presentation and mapping of new sound practices, structures and methods in the frame of residency programmes and in accordance with CONA strategies. ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO constitutes a platform enabling improved conditions for continual international cooperation and exchange between artists, artist production and artist concert presentations of new sound works, while at the same time presenting Ljubljana as an important sound production and creative-networking crossroads.

Curator and art director: Brane Zorman
Translation and editing: Urban Belina
Design: Irena Pivka
Photos: Iztok Zupan, Alyssa Joye, Dušan Stone and Annonimous
Produced by: CONA Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing, 2018
Partners: CUK Kino Šiška,
Program of CONA is financially supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana.