ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO series 2020

Irena Tomažin – Alessandra Eramo
Wednesday, Jan.29. at 8.00 Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
Thursday Jan  30.at 20.00 at Avtomatik Delovišče with PiNA, Koper

Tomaž Grom – Séamus O´Donnell
Tuesday, Feb. 11. at 8.00: Kino Šiška

Petra Strahovnik – Ji Youn Kang
Tuesday, Feb 25. at 8.00: Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
Wednesday, Feb 26, at 20.00: Kulturni dom Ivan Cankar, Vrhnika

About the artists:

Irena Z. Tomažin is a Slovenian performer, choreographer and a voice teacher. The (heart)core of her work is the voice in its various existence. Starting out her dance education from the urge to move and release inner tensions and inspirations, her performance practice has since then shifted towards the investigation around the embodied voice. Her voice work is always physical, connected with body, gesture/dance and space, but at the same time is very oriented towards the sound textures of the voice.

Alessandra Eramo is a Berlin-based sound artist, vocalist and composer. She creates performative works and installations using voice, sound, text, field recording, video and drawing, exploring latent acoustic territories of the human voice and noise as socio-political matter. Blurring the line between performance art, experimental music and sound poetry, the essence of her practice is to destabilize the normal expectations of the voice to trace a new sense of beauty in sound and language. Her projects often adopt relational aesthetics and address questions about the body, memory and identity.

Tomaž Grom understands music as a medium of communication rather than aesthetic pleasure. He wants to find reasons for making music. Uncompromisingly he prods at social norms. Music for him is a form of seeking, unanswered questions, flow of ideas, unpredictable situations. Composition is improvisation. Improvisations offers him space to lose himself, to make mistakes, to come up with intriguing solutions. In music, challenges invite thinking and open up new possibilities. He misses a deep and complex analysis.

Séamus O´Donnell’s (kNiFeLoOp) work includes numerous projects in the field of sound and media art, experimental radio and live improvisation. He is Co-initiator of the series of experimental music meetings in Salon Bruit Berlin, which were regularly organized events between 2002 and 2015 and over the years has been involved in many different temporary radio projects (such as PiRadio, RebootFM, Radio Tesla, Funkwelle and currently 88.4FM with Cola Bora Dio and PiRadio Verbund in Berlin).

Petra Strahovnik finished composition at the Music Academy in Ljubljana and Master Composition at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. Since her beginning Petra has been following her path of discovering new sounds and she has never been barred by traditional way of how we think about sound and music. She is working on research in art, discovering “mechanical – electronic” sounds, using rare earth magnets and mechanical sound speakers. Her piece Prana (2018) for symphony orchestra won 66. Rostrum music competition prize, which was held in Argentina this year. It was selected by the delegates as most outstanding. The work was presented by RTV – Radio Slovenija.

Ji Youn Kang is a composer and sound artist. She moved to the Netherlands in 2016 and achieved her master’s degree both in Sonology and in Composition at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Most of her music pieces have been composed based on the rites of Korean Shamanism, and many of them were written for Wave Field Synthesis System (192 loudspeakers) playback, exploring the relationship between musical and physical spaces. At the same time she has been composing live electronic pieces for both traditional and non-traditional instruments, ranging from a solo instrument to a large orchestra, exploring mostly the primitive, empowering rhythmical elements and the noisy sound sources that the Korean ritual music involves.