ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO / 2017

ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO is a series of electroacoustic performative sound events premiering works created in collaboration between a Slovenian and an international artist. Curated by Brane Zorman.

selected sound artists and performers in 2017:
Alessandra Eramo (IT) – Jaka Berger (SLO)
Tuesday, 17.01.2017 at 20.00

Luka Prinčič a.k.a. Nova deViator (SLO) – Goto80 (Anders Carlsson)  (SV)
Monday, 06.02.2017 at 20.00

Irena Tomažin(SLO) – Liz Helman (GB)
Monday, 06.03.2017, at 20.00
Tuesday, 07.03. 2017 at 20.00 PiNA Koper

Komuna Hall, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Free entrance.

Alessandra Eramo Photo by Nub Project_kvadrat malaAlessandra Eramo (1982) is a Berlin-based artist and composer who works primarily with voice and noise. She creates performance pieces and text-sound compositions, but also videos, drawings and site-specific installations, exploring latent acoustic territories of the human voice.

Jaka Berger photo Andrej Firm_kvadratJaka Berger is for some years now one of those central engines of Slovene independent music scene. First and foremost of course is known as a musician – a drummer and sound researcher, but is also an event organizer, publisher, works on radio and is the one who activates new spaces and communities. He is currently active in Ludovik Material, Barka tone , Bele plombe, Virtaranta Okuda Berger trio, Virtaranta Okuda Berger trio, Džukljev Berger duo, The B.Bees, The Stroj Machine and Borghesia. As Brgs he composes electro acustic solo works. brgstime.bandcamp.com

Alessandra Eramo: Solo for Voice and Electronics, a collage of extended vocal techniques, urban and industrial soundscapes to move beyond the sound into more visceral layers of poetic expression. She interweaves her voice with sound poetry eruptions fusing them together with a dynamic manipulation of pre-recorded sonic material, tapes, and field recordings.
Jaka Berger: Fragments of the present is a project that aims to develop the sound of a modified drum. With this second-generation drum, the author tackles the physical and acoustic characteristics of the drum as a sound object with in-built speakers for manipulation with sound loops and feedback, which transform the acoustic conditions of a space.
Alessandra Eramo – Jaka Berger: Rough miniatures for voice and drum, voice is all, drum is all the rest, together they exist in a fracture of moment, meeting in raw collision of subtle and ever pulsing vibrations of existence. From simple breath and heavy heart beat that we are, to the quiet and patient listener within, that can see who we are, all floats in unknown intimate trust between we and we and every moment in between.


luka p - wanda_nova_deviator_krsko_140524_by_Benjamin Kovač_kvadrat_mala

Luka Prinčič is a musician, sound designer and media artist. He has been writing music, creating sound art, performing, and manipulating new media in various ways since mid- 90s. He specialises in computer music, elaborated funk beats, immersive soundscapes, incidental music for live arts & video, and digital media experiments. deviator.si

goto80_photo_by_brendan_tonkin_at_square_sounds_melbourne_2015 mala


Goto80 (Anders Carlsson) is a Swedish old media artist and researcher who works with music and text. He performs 8-bit music around the world, and has been featured in art festivals such as Transmediale and Ars Electronica. goto80.com


Luka Prinčič a.k.a. Nova deViator: Resonating Places, Now leans on pondering about what can constitute a resonance, where it is situated and if time does have anything to do with it. In the piece various sonic materials are used, mostly digitally generated and processed. Formaly it draws on fusion of the various elements: glitches, syntesized sounds, micro-harmonies, pulses, beats, drones and textures. It is created specifically for “so.und.ing” project.

Goto80: Ljubljama is a live improvisation made on the 1980’s home computer Commodore 64. There are no preparations and all the instruments and arrangement are typed from scratch in an archaic computer interface, shown on a screen for the audience to follow every step.

Luka Prinčič a.k.a. Nova deViator – Goto80: General Purpose Users The piece is inspired by the idea (via Olia Lialina) that in order to critically understand contemporary technology we need to bring back the notion of a general user and protect the general purpose computer. We may look like hackers, but we are users like everyone else.

Itrena T - PETER GANNUSHKIN1_malaIrena Tomažin is a dancer, choreographer and vocal performer, singer. Her theater-dance pieces are based on exploring voice in connection with movement. In music she is active the most in the field of improvised and electroacoustic music. Until now she created eight performances and edited two single albums and eighth more in collaboration with other musicians and/or with a band Borghesia and Bast Kolektiv. She performs and gives workshops on voice in Slovenia and abroad.

Liz Helman by Rosie Wallin_malaLiz Helman is a London-based artist working in time-based media. Self-taught and with no formal training as a composer, her work, visual and sonic, is a response to place and environment.


The ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO series is a multiannual music performative project connecting international and Slovene sound artists and performers through the research, presentation and mapping of new sound practices, structures and methods in the frame of residency programmes and in accordance with CONA strategies.ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO constitutes a platform enabling improved conditions for continual international cooperation and exchange between artists, artist production and artist concert presentations of new sound works, while at the same time presenting Ljubljana as an important sound production and creative-networking crossroads.

The sound compositions by the invited Slovene and international artists will be created by way of collaboration in a studio in Ljubljana and by utilising long-distance collaboration tools. The premiere of all-new sound works as well as performances of individual compositions will focus on presenting a wide range of artistic sound practices and a range of possible researches and approaches to sound, composing, the meaning of collaboration, the exchange of ideas and playing with performative potentials. ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO series aims at establishing relational conditions and increasing listening sensibility through the experiencing of space and the commons. To borrow a quote from Brandon Labelle,“Sound is not only material, but a means for staging performative events that generate relational narratives and the making of shared space.”


Produced by: CONA Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing, 2014
Partners: CUK Kino Šiška,
The CONA’s program is financially supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana.
The ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO series is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.