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radioCona Trans_locative project will define the possibilities of using contemporary technology in connection to the “old” technology of using radio frequency for the formation of a temporary project community, which is constituted urban location. The bulk of the project’s duration will be devoted to the study and art project research of the theme of locative media and to the technology for mapping the territory in relation to contemporary radio art and sound art production. We will prepare a radio art work, and highlight artists and their projects in the area of locative media, territory, and community. We intend to organize an engaged workshop and art presentations to the theme that confronts locative media art and radio art. During the working process, we will establish intensive partner connections and carry out a research on how projects with similar contents (locative media art, radio art, sound art) function in the area of partner countries.

produce by: CONA institute for contemporary art procesing
project partners: Sintoment (Zagreb, CRO) NOFM (Beograd, RS), Abart (BIH)
exhibition partner: Aksioma
FM broadcast partner: RTV SLO zveze in oddajanja
Transmit Walk partners; SMEHOMAT, Maribor 2012 EPK Lifetouch, CoFestival
project and project unites supporters: Allinz Kulturstiftung, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport and City Council Ljubljana
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