radioCona workshop/lecture

Anna Friz: City at Night
lecture 9.12.2013, ob 19:00
workshop 9. – 11.12.2013, 19:00 – 22:00
KC Tobačna 001 / MGML

Udo Noll lecture

Elisabeth Zimmermann/curated by …  is a series of aired/online exhibitions of international radio art.
A short overview of the ten-year history of Kunstradio sorted by individual series. It started broadcasting in May 2001 and has already broadcasted 18 parts. Ö1 Kunstradio – Radiokunst declares some of its weekly aired/online broadcasts as spaces for exhibitions of international radio-art. Radio artists with differing artistic and theoretical backgrounds are commissioned to develop the concept and design of each of these exhibitions. In their projects, each of the curators, together with the artists chosen by Elisabeth Zimmerman, attempts to highlight aspects of contemporary Radio art, which they deem important and interesting.

Torsten Michaelson LIGNA / Performiranje/neperformiranje v radijskem in javnem prostoru Performing/nonperforming in Radio and Public Space,
workshop 21. – 23. November 2011