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Steklenik Winter Sound Gallery

2-channel sound installation / 2 Dec 2022 – 28 Feb 2023 Sežana Botanical Gardens In cooperation with the Botanical Garden of Sežana, we are continuing our set of sound installations with the work ICEmeltings by Jata C . Sounds that cut through the silence. Especially when, due to natural processes of sudden temperature changes, they thicken into […]

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Reveil / SC9

Soundcamp 2022 is a festival of the project Acoustic Commons From Saturday, 30 April 05:00 UTC+1 until Sunday, 1 May 06:00 UTC+1 main physical space: Stave Hill Ecological Park, London main on-line space: link to Reveil Cona is participating at the Reveil streaming for the ninth year in a row. Brane Zorman will do the […]

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Soundcamp 2021 / Acoustic Commons

Soundcamp 2021 on-line festival led by Acoustic Commons from 6AM on Saturday 1 May to 6AM on Sunday 2 May (CET) technical venue: Stave Hill Ecological Park, London on-line venue: link to Reveil link to Soundcamp program Cona is participating at the Reveil streaming for the eighth year in a row. For this year […]

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We kindly invite you to visit the festival webside and explore the whole program: Links for listening the works commited by Cona: Irena Pivka: Echowalk, Manja Ristic: slip between them almost, Beepblip: Anthropic Frequencies, Robertina Sebjanic: Talks with Grey Heron, OR poiesis: Seasonal Paths, Brane Zorman: Metal Pole Woodpeckers, Colin Black: Dreaming Backwards Through […]

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Soundcamp 2020_Cona

Soundcamp 2020  Online festival – part of the project Acoustic Commons from 5AM UTC+1 Saturday  2 May to 6AM on Sunday 3 May link project site Invited artists by Cona: beepblip, Colin Black, OR poiesis, Irena Pivka, Luka Prinčič, Manja Ristić, Robertina Šebjanič and Brane Zorman. We will host the talk with Dr. Maja […]

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radioCona podcasts

18 hours of listenig, 48 art  works radioCona:Storyscapes SE podcasts release of podcasts from the FM exhibition Zavod Cona is kindly inviting you to listen and explore newly published podcasts of the FM exhibition, which took place at radioCona from 18th to 23rd of January 2020. We collected soundart works, arranged by curator Manja Ristić, who prepared […]

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radioCona: SEStoryscapes

radioCona: StoryscapesSE 18.-23. Jan 2020, daly from 6.33PM 88.8 MHz and Curator Manja Ristić. More about FM programming, events in Steklenik  and curators words of radioCona: StoryscapesSE Artists: Amper-o-mat, Marija Balubdžić, beepblip, Ivan Čkonjević, Toni Dimitrov, Martin Eccles, Bojan Gagić, Miron Ghiu, Ana Gnjatović, Lukatoyboy, Regina Ionescu, Jovana Ivanac, Jasna Jovićević, Mirian Kolev, Rastko Lazić, Gašper Livk, Svetlana Maraš, Saša Rakef, Simina Oprescu, […]

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on line performans Saturday 5. – Sunday 6. May 2018 radioCona is partnering up for the five consecutive year with Soundcamp Reveil a project that in a 24-hour online broadcast relays the sounds of live open microphones tracking the break of day around the globe. Transmitted live on the International Dawn Chorus Day by a network of […]

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FM exhibition of sound and radio art works Sunday 11th to Thursday15th February, 2018 every day exactly at nautical twilight, from 6:28 PM on with one minute delay every next day FM 88.8MHz and  online at The anniversary of radioCona reveals the ten year long breaking and melting of ice of radio-frequency space, through which it is becoming […]

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Brane Zorman: It is in My Nature sound work on exhibition Participation Matters + The Cypriot Howling Team/Irena Pivka/Brane Zorman: wolFMoon howling  9.12.2017, 15.50 – 16.30, outside Ledra Palace, Buffer Zone, Nicosia Respublika! A Cypriot community media arts festival, NeMe Arts Center, curator Nico Carpenter

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