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Thomas Gorbach & The Vienna Acousmonium

two evenings of sound events 14 Mar – 15 Mar 2023, 19:00 – 22:00 Kino Šiška, Cathedral Hall You are invited to two transformative evenings of acousmatic music! Austrian musician, performer and acousmatic composer Thomas Gorbach is returning to Ljubljana and will be joined by guest artists.

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Steklenik winter sound gallery

2-channel sound installation / 2 Dec 2022 – 28 Feb 2023 Sežana Botanical Gardens In cooperation with the Botanical Garden of Sežana, we are continuing our set of sound installations with the work ICEmeltings by Jata C . Sounds that cut through the silence. Especially when, due to natural processes of sudden temperature changes, they thicken into […]

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STEKLENIK + KINO ŠIŠKA: Parallel Soundscapes

exhibitions / 17 – 18 Nov 2022, at 17:00 Robertina ŠEBJANIČ: Line |  +1233m  –1233m Jata C: Chronolith live sound events / Thursday, 17 Nov, at 20:00 Colin BLACK: Triangulation Robertina ŠEBJANIČ: Line |  +1233m  –1233m live sound events / Friday, 18 Nov, at 20:00 Marko BATISTA: Vitreous Sky Jata C: Chronolith The Steklenik Gallery in […]

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Autumn sound gallery Steklenik

Sežana Botanical Garden at Villa Mirasasso is hosting Steklenik gallery for a year In cooperation with the Botanical Garden of Sežana, we are starting a set of sound installations, for which the opening score will be the sound work Spirit of the Trees | Touch by Brane ZORMAN. The presented sound work, which was also awarded […]

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Ida Hiršenfelder (beepblip): Exercises in listenig to the inaudible

Essay Read the full essay in English The text is part of the European project Acoustic Commons and questions our relationship to location, its sound, and our contact with and making sense of what we hear. The Acoustic Commons program coincided, quite by chance, with an unexpected change in the soundscape and the elimination of […]

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Final exhibition of the Acoustic Commons project in Aix-en-Provence, France

exhibition of the Acoustic Commons project Aix-en-Provence, France 5 – 9 Oct 2022 From 5 – 9 Oct, Irena PIVKA and Brane ZORMAN, accompanied by artist Ida HIRŠENFELDER (beepblip), and together with our partners Full of Noise, Locus Sonus and Soundcamp, will participate in the completion of a three-year project, which included outstanding artists with […]

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CONA’S attending this years WARP in Amsterdam

Walking-with Amsterdam WARP conference, Amsterdam 29 – 30 Sept 2022 From 29 – 30 Sept, CONA’s project manager Damjana Golob Lavrič will be attending this year’s Walking-with Amsterdam WARP conference in Amsterdam. WARP aims to stimulate a rich transdisciplinary dialogue about how, why, when, and with what results, walking practices are being explored and engaged […]

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CONA’s visiting the Vienna Acousmonium

Vienna Acousmonium 28 Sept 2022 On the 28 Sept, CONA’s co-founder Brane ZORMAN will be meeting our partners at the Vienna Acousmonium. The Acousmatic Project is a fascinating journey in the realm of developing a multichannel sound systems, that began in 2010. The analysis of acousmatic oeuvres conceived music-space oriented ideas that were looking for […]

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Open microphone Goričko

In August 2022, Cona set up a second open mic at the Goričko Nature Park, at the edge of a forest in a private garden. The installation is part of a larger, international project within the Acoustic Commons network. The Goričko listening point makes part of the open microphone network in Europe and Japan within […]

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TO)pot: sound walks festival

Learn more about the festival and venues here. 15–18 September 2022 Locations: On paths through the urban and green cultural landscape as well as at the Right Atrium in the City Hall, House of Dreaming Books and MGML Cukrarna Gallery. Artists: Elena BISERNA, Ida HIRŠENFELDER (beepblip), Aldo MILOHNIĆ, Alisa OLEVA, OR poiesis, Boštjan PEROVŠEK, Irena […]

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