Festival Diary (open call)

sound/poetic workshop of the TO)pot Festival of Radical Sound Walks
Cukrarna (classroom) and soundwalk venues

Thursday, 20 Sep, at 11:00 / introductory meeting and inspection of sound equipment
Wednesday, Sep 25, from 9:00 to 11:00 / lectures and setting up the environment
25-29 Sep / attending the festival program and workshop

The workshop will be led by Urška Savič
Registration by Thursday, 15 September 2024
There are 8 vacancies for the workshop

Register for the workshop

The educational program takes place in conjunction with the TO)pot Festival of Radical Sound Walks as a special section aimed at educating young people in the field of auditory sensitization and critical poetic reflection. The festival diary is aimed at developing the ability to reflect and be aware of what is happening around us, as well as cultivating an active mind through contact with a variety of artistic expressions.

The creation of the festival diary consists of a theoretical part, field work, practical exercises, consultations during the creation process and the possibility of public presentation of the finished product on radio waves.A special space will be dedicated to discussions and reflections on the differences between documentation and author’s work and their intertwining.

The established work process encourages a clear definition of the idea, but at the same time is aware of the importance of experimentation and the derivations that appear during development.

Participants will receive accreditation for the TO)pot festival and actively monitor the entire program, with a special emphasis on sound walks and events on the ground. They will mainly carry out audio documentation of events and recording, they will train in observation and far-reaching imagining of dramaturgical accents, which can be achieved with different methods of sound capture. The recordings will be used to create personal reflections, poetic, experimental or otherwise, in the form of an audio recording. Despite the encouragement of independent work, the workshop points out the importance of mutual exchange of knowledge and the building of collectivity within temporary communities – the final composition of the audio products of the participants will thus be a joint work of authorship.

Urška Savič is a photographer, writer and journalist in the field of culture, as well as a creator of radio shows and soundscapes. In 2014, she graduated in photography from FAMU in Prague, and received her master’s degree from the sculpture department of ALUO (2020) in Ljubljana. As a self-employed person in culture, she collaborates with various publications, co-creates multimedia projects, is part of the editorial board of Fotografia magazine and teaches at the ALUO photography department. Between 2015 and 2019, she was an active user of the Rog Autonomous Factory.

Recording equipment is provided by the organizer, participants need their own computer to process recordings. No prior knowledge is required. By registering, you agree to be present at all meetings.

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