Krater, Sunday, May 5, at 5:08 (morning)
Arboretum Volčji Potok, Boljkova gallery, Saturday, May 11, at 19:00
MGLC Plečnik auditorium, Tivoli park, Sunday, May 12, at 5:08 (morning)
Loški muzej Škofja Loka, Sunday, May 12, at 18:00

birds ● Eduardo Raon ● Tea Vidmar ● Žiga Jenko ● Jure Boršič ● a l l j a

Sunday, May 5, 2024
5.08 (morning), birds, Tea Vidmar, Jure Boršič and a l l j a, (live sound event) and
Krater Collective: Tea party from a raging construction pit
The concert will be broadcast online at the 11th edition of the international project Soundcamp / Reveil.

Arboretum Volčji Potok, Boljkova gallery
Saturday, May 11, 2024
19.00, Katarina Radaljac: Interspecies Sound Communication, (lecture)
19.45, birds, Eduardo Raon, Tea Vidmar and Jure Boršič, (live sound event)
The event is free with the payment of a ticket to the Arboretum.

MGLC Plečnik auditorium, Tivoli park
Sunday, May 12 2024
5.08 (morning), birds, Eduardo Raon, Žiga Jenko and a l l j a, (live sound event) and
Ana Čavić: A thread without end, Act IV (Dawn) (performance)

Loški muzej Škofja Loka
Sunday, May 12 2024
18:00, Katarina Radaljac: Interspecies Sound Communication (lecture) and
Biljana Ristić: The history of the castle garden and the Ursulines (guided garden tour and lecture on the life of the Ursuline nuns)
19:00, birds, Tea Vidmar, Žiga Jenko, Jure Boršič (live sound event)

AnimotMUZIK is a concert series that takes place in parks and gardens throughout Slovenia. Invited musicians perform in natural environments, where the sound of non-human animals becomes the score or inspiration for their creation. The cycle is based on questioning established methods of musical expression and invites the audience to attentive listening. With an emphasis on the in-depth experience of soundscapes, it spreads awareness of the importance of nature for human culture and emphasizes its influence on artistic creation. It addresses an inclusive, compassionate and sound-rich possible future, where the concept of music is not limited to the framework of Anthropocene thinking.

Photo: Matej Tomažin.


The ecological concert cycle starts every year in the spring, starting on the first Sunday in May and marking the International Day of Listening to the Dawn.

Eduardo Raon is a classically trained Portuguese harpist, composer and sound designer who lives in Ljubljana. In addition to international engagement, he also works in Slovenia. He creates contemporary and improvised music, playing with a kaleidoscope of ethno, noise, pop, retro, rock, ambient and electronic music.

Tea Vidmar creates in the field of street theater, music and vocal performances. As a vocalist, she worked with musical groups, as a soloist and in collaborations with local and foreign musicians and musicians also performs in the field of contemporary improvised and experimental music

Žiga Jenko has been in love with music since childhood, without genre restrictions. Self-taught and an explorer of the sonic fringes.

Jure Boršič is a saxophonist and clarinetist of the younger generation, working between Ljubljana and Nova Gorica. He is active mainly in free-jazz, experimental and alternative fields, and lately also more and more often in the organization of such events.

a l l j a [Alja Petric] kot pevka, pedagoginja in vsestranska raziskovalka posveča svoje življenje raziskovanju glasbene umetnosti, vodenju individualnih in skupinskih zvokovno-vokalnih delavnic ter terapevtskem delu z zvokom. Navdih za umetniško ustvarjanje išče v zvočnih krajinah narave in vsakodnevnem urbanem življenju prestolnice.

Katarina Radaljac are a master of musicology who devote their research to the music of non-human animals and interactions with them. In their work, they combines various scientific and artistic fields such as zoomusicology, applied ethnomusicology, interspecies art, human-animal studies, animal ethics and others.

Ana Čavić is a visual artist, performer, poet and an academic researching ‘performance publishing’ in which publishing takes place on the stage rather than the page. Her interdisciplinary practice combines the visual and performing arts and she works across different media and fields, including art, literature and theatre.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana, Department for Culture.

Artists: birds, Eduardo Raon (harp), Tea Vidmar (vocals), Žiga Jenko (vocals), Jure Boršič (clarinet, saxophone), a l l j a [Alja Petric] (vocals)
Artist selection: Brane Zorman
Project partners: MGLC, Krater, Loški muzej Škofja Loka and Arboretum Volčji Potok
Organization: Irena Pivka, Urška Savič
Public relations, photo and video: Matej Tomažin
Production: Cona, Institute for the Processing of Contemporary Art, 2024

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