Echoes Around Me 2023

Festival for acousmatic music
Friday, 27 Oct, until Sunday, 29 Oct 2023
Columned hall of the Academy of fine arts Vienna

Andrej Kobal and OR poiesis in Vienna festival of acousmatic music!

Three concert evenings with the Vienna Akusmonium in the columned hall of the Academy await you. Composers from Vienna and abroad will present their latest works and live performances on 50 loudspeakers. This year with a focus on Slovenia, Mexico, France, Austria and Monaco!

Air Transitions explores the sound of the junction between the materiality of the surface and the dynamics of air. The composition is based on the transformation and manipulation of sound recordings of the bora and wind-related sound elements. Working with the sound techniques of granular, concatenative and spectral synthesis offers a unique reinterpretation of the sound mass of the source material.

Furīfōru / fluvial pursues the ecstatic feeling of floating in the spherical music of waterfalls. In the free fall of water, its dispersion and the shaking impacts of water molecules on the stone, an endless attraction, an ecstatic vibrational field that elevates the bodies, is passionately created. The work was created in a fluvial composition and with the help of performative field recordings of waterfalls and rocks. By searching for frequency resonance, it delves into the elemental rituals of nature.

Thomas GORBACH is an interdisciplinary musician, performer and composer of acousmatic music. As the founder and organiser of The Acousmatic Project, he and Marco Schretter developed the unique multi-channel sound orchestra The Vienna Acousmonium and a method for interpreting acousmatic works and producing ephemeral, dynamically moving sound sculptures.

Andrej KOBAL works in many areas of music, such as original compositions, sound design and compositions for film and theatre, sound installations and custom-made electronic virtual instruments.

OR poiesis is an artist and researcher in the field of bio-, geo- and hydroacoustics, auditory perception, interactive sound performance in a concrete, acoustic space and digitally enhanced reality, online transmission and artistic radio.

The works Air Transitions by the artist Andrej KOBAL and Furīfōru / fluvial by the author OR poiesis were commissioned and produced by the CONA Institute for Contemporary Art Processing.

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