Jata C: Chronolith

Multi-channel sound installation
27 Sep—26 Nov 2023
Pentagonal Tower, Ljubljana Castle

Chronolith consists of a complex multi-channel sound composition and stone slab installation.

In the work, the bioacoustic group Jata C investigates the acoustics and temporal dimensions of stone structures and their sustainability and interdependence with humans.

The artists obtained the sound material for the composition via field recordings of various locations and quarries. The installation serves as a stone instrument, a sensory extension of the human body, with which the composition and the vibrations of the stones are fed back into the materiality of the slabs with the help of transducers, forming a feedback loop. During the production of the work, the artists collaborated with scientists from micropaleontology, geology and physics, and the supporter of the project, the company Marmor Hotavlje.

Co-producer of the installation and sound event is the Ljubljana Castle. The installation is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana, Department for Culture. The project is a part of konS – Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art. We would like to thank the company Marmor Hotavlje for access to their quarry and the sponsorship of the marble slabs for the installation.


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