Robertina ŠEBJANIČ and Tanja MINARIK: Linija | +1233 m -1233 m

live sound event / Saturday, 20 May 2023, at 21:00
part of Kako nas čuje more / Heard by the Deep
Beton Kino, Dom mladih, Split

At the heart of this intermedia artwork is the concept of empathy and solidarity in coexistence with more-than-human entities. As a counterpoint, the artist highlights the importance of one’s awareness of the environment one shares with the Other, encouraging critical reflection on its ecological vulnerability.


Line | +1233m –1233m is a poetic audiovisual work that deals with the sonority of the sea in a vertical strip deep under and above the surface to encourage reflection on new (ecological) realities in the age of the Anthropocene.

The vertical movements between sea layers account for one of the biggest migration routes in the marine environment, used daily and seasonally by millions of animals in all the world’s oceans and seas to constitute continuous synchronised movement between surface and deeper ocean layers. In the exhibited project, the artist symbolically discusses such movement by referring to one of the deepest points in the southern Adriatic (–1233m).

Robertina ŠEBJANIČ is an artist whose work explores the biological, (geo)political and cultural realities of aquatic environments and the impact of humanity on other organisms. Her projects call for the development of empathetic strategies aimed at recognising the other (non-human) species. In her analysis of the Anthropocene and its theoretical framework, the artist uses the terms “aquatocene” and “aquaforming” to refer to the human impact on aquatic environments. Her works received awards and nominations at Prix Ars Electronica, Starts Prize, Falling Walls.

Photo: Kaja BREZOČNIK, MOL archive.

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