Jata C: Chronolith

live sound event / Sunday, 2 Apr 2023, at 17:00
part of konSekvence
Cukrarna, Ljubljana

On Sunday, 2 Apr 2023, at 17:00, as part of the closing event of the konSekvence program, a live sound event by the bioacoustic group Jata C entitled Kronolit will take place in Cukrarna. The work will consist of a multi-channel sound composition and a stone installation that will act as a simple stone instrument.


Bioacoustic group Jata C will present its sound work and installation Chronolith, which thematizes the world of rocks, temporality and our ingrained interdependence. The work will consist of a multi-channel sound composition with a stone installation that will act as a simple stone instrument.

Jata C (beepblip, OR poiesis, Boštjan PEROVŠEK, Bojana ŠALJIĆ PODEŠVA, Brane ZORMAN) is an artistic group whose members share a fondness for field recordings, bioacoustics and sound ecology. They combine the research of auditory perceptions with ecological and social topics, which they expand with scientific discourse and original ideas about sound environments. In the compositions, recordings from the immediate environment are transformed into speculative projections for the future and auditory perceptions of the present. In their work, they use a wide range of devices to capture acoustic phenomena. Their recording methods include so-called deep listening with a non-anthropocentric attitude towards biotic and non-biotic entities.

Ida HIRŠENFELDER (beepblip) works in the field of sound and intermedia art. She is interested in media history, archives, their disappearance and media archaeology. She collaborates with the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, the Topography of Sound festival and within the radioCona programme.

Petra KAPŠ (OR poiesis) is an artist and researcher of sound, auditory perception and poetic performance. She expands words in the sonorous spheres of time/space poetry. With all the digital dimensions, the physical presence of the body is central to her.

Boštjan PEROVŠEK, artist, composer and sound designer, composes experimental electroacoustic music. His speciality is the creation of bioacoustic music based on the sounds of animals, especially insects. He collaborates with the SAETA group, and also creates music for film and theatre, performances, multimedia installations and soundscapes for museums and galleries.

Bojana ŠALJIĆ PODEŠVA, a composer, devotes herself mostly to researching sound as an entity that affects the listener physically and substantively. Her music oscillates between complete abstraction and complex semantic languages. She is the recipient of a number of awards for concert works, stage and film music.

Brane ZORMAN is an intermedia artist, composer, sound manipulator, producer and curator. He composes sound works for theatre, intermedia and dance performances. He performs electroacoustic solo compositions and improvisations with domestic and foreign artists in surround sound.

The installation part of the project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia; City of Ljubljana, Department for Culture. The project is a part of konS – Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art. We would like to thank the company Marmor Hotavlje d.o.o. for access to their quarry and the offered sponsorship for the marble slabs comprising the installation.

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