TO)pot festival 2023

sound walks festival / 28 Sep – 1 Oct 2023
Cukrarna Gallery

We are porudly announcing the curator for the 2023 TO)pot festival’s international selection. Elena BISERNA (FR) is an independent scholar and curator based in Marseille, France. Her interests focus on listening and on contextual, time-based art practices related to urban dynamics, socio-cultural processes, the public and political sphere.

About the festival

TO)pot is a festival of sound walks, sound events and reflections, which through walking as an artistic practice, thematises acoustic ecology.

The TO)pot festival gathers artists, theorists and curious walkers to bring them closer to walking as a practice of creating, grounding and listening in/to the environment, as a spatial acting-out of the place and the body and as simply walking per se. Thus, we invite you to join us at various urban paths and venues for three days of art-walking-works, lectures, sound events and workshops prepared by selected artists. TO/pot festival joins the Sound Walk September initiative, a yearly global festival celebrating sound walks as a creative practice, within the platform walk listen create.

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