Steklenik winter sound gallery

2-channel sound installation / 2 Dec 2022 – 28 Feb 2023
Sežana Botanical Gardens

In cooperation with the Botanical Garden of Sežana, we are continuing our set of sound installations with the work ICEmeltings by Jata C . Sounds that cut through the silence. Especially when, due to natural processes of sudden temperature changes, they thicken into cracked ice. This spectrum of the acoustics of the winter soundscape is put under the microscope by sound_and_artist_compositions.

The gallery for sound, bioacoustics and art Steklenik addresses works that connect artistic and scientific practices through sound research of nature and the environment. The artworks encompass themes of bioacoustics, sound ecology, landscape and art, and are intended to intertwine sound and botany in the exhibition space of the greenhouse.

Thus, in the greenhouse of the Sežana Botanical Garden, Steklenik will establish an exhibition space for designing, researching and experiencing sound works in a natural environment. The greenhouse will thus be placed in a wider field of spatial perception, which, in addition to providing suitable conditions for the growth, research and admiration of selected botanical organisms, will offer a unique context for the experiencing of sound works under the same conditions.

Jata C is an artistic group whose members share a passion for field recordings, bioacoustics and sound ecology. Their research combines auditory perception with ecological and social issues, expanding them with scientific discourse and original performances of sonic environments. In their compositions, they transform field recordings of their immediate surroundings into speculative projections of the future and delicate perceptions of the present. To capture the various environmental acoustic phenomena, they employ a vast array of field recording devices central to the so-called deep listening and non-anthropocentric relation with biotic and non-biotic entities. In their performances they follow a general score, leaving enough space for improvisation and live interpretation. Currently,  the group has presented to public two other compositions, namely ICEmeltings (2019) and Bibaret JC210120 (2020)The members of Jata C are primarily active as independent artists, but the connectedness in the context of the group enriches and reflects their own styles and views and offers a completely new context for understanding their joint creative practive.

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