Steklenik autumn sound gallery

Sežana Botanical Garden at Villa Mirasasso
is hosting Steklenik gallery for a year

In cooperation with the Botanical Garden of Sežana, we are starting a set of sound installations, for which the opening score will be the sound work Spirit of the Trees | Touch by Brane ZORMAN. The presented sound work, which was also awarded the palma ars acustica award this year, is the first in a series of four sound installations that will be presented in the garden’s greenhouse until the end of August 2023 in the spirit of the four seasons.

The gallery for sound, bioacoustics and art Steklenik addresses works that connect artistic and scientific practices through sound research of nature and the environment. The artworks encompass themes of bioacoustics, sound ecology, landscape and art, and are intended to intertwine sound and botany in the exhibition space of the greenhouse.

Thus, in the greenhouse of the Sežana Botanical Garden, Steklenik will establish an exhibition space for designing, researching and experiencing sound works in a natural environment. The greenhouse will thus be placed in a wider field of spatial perception, which, in addition to providing suitable conditions for the growth, research and admiration of selected botanical organisms, will offer a unique context for the experiencing of sound works under the same conditions.

From October 2018 to January 2022, the Steklenik Gallery was a partnership project of the CONA Institute and the Botanical Garden of the University of Ljubljana. From February 2022 onwards, the Steklenik gallery has opened a new chapter, in which it takes the place of a guest gallery at domestic and foreign institutions.

The Sežana Botanical Garden dates back to the 19th century and boasts priceless cultural elements and a plant collection that includes over 170 different non-native species on a total area of ​​2 hectares. The central part consists of boxwood parterres, glades, conifer plantations, a pond and water fountain, pergolas and a greenhouse as a smaller copy of the Schönnbrunn greenhouse in Vienna. In the informal part of the garden, which is built in a more relaxed landscape style, there are grassy glades, a pine forest, a cedar grove and a maple alley.

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