Final exhibition of the Acoustic Commons project in Aix-en-Provence, France

exhibition of the Acoustic Commons project
Aix-en-Provence, France
5 – 9 Oct 2022

From 5 – 9 Oct, Irena PIVKA and Brane ZORMAN, accompanied by artist Ida HIRŠENFELDER (beepblip), and together with our partners Full of Noise, Locus Sonus and Soundcamp, will participate in the completion of a three-year project, which included outstanding artists with whom we created sound and theoretical projects, lectures and workshops on the topic and under the common name of Acoustic Commons.

CONA will present a performative sound walk by Irena PIVKA and Brane ZORMAN, titled Sandbox, and Brane ZORMAN will also conduct a live stream of his award-winning work at this year’s palma ars acustica competition, Spirit of Trees | Touch. Ida HIRŠENFELDER (beepblip) will perform live her sound event Remembering a tree and exhibit her essay entitled Exercises in listening to the inaudible. There will also be two live-stream sound performances; Jaka BERGER will perform his work In_Dependences, and Colin BLACK will present his work Triangulation.

At CONA we will be exhibiting the following events:

Wed, 5. October
Ida HIRŠENFELDER (beepblip): Exercises in listenig to the inaudible
Jaka BERGER: In_Dependences
Brane ZORMAN: Spirit of Trees | Touch

Thur, 6. October
Irena PIVKA, Brane ZORMAN: Sandbox

Sat, 8. October
Irena PIVKA, Brane ZORMAN: Sandbox
Ida HIRŠENFELDER (beeplip): Remembering a Tree

Sun, 9. October
Colin BLACK: Triangulation

A PDF with more information about the program is available here.

A listening room of our partner SOUNDCAMP will also be organized as part of the final exhibition:

9:00 Irena PIVKA: EchoWalk
9:30 Manja RISTIĆ: Slip Between Them Almost
10:00 beepblip: Anthropic Frequencies
10:30 Robertina ŠEBJANIČ: Talks with Grey Heron
19:00 OR poiesis: Seasonal Paths
20:30 Brane ZORMAN: Metal Pole Woodpeckers
21:00 Colin BLACK: Dreaming Backwards Through Morning

Read more about the event and project:


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