CONA’S attending this years WARP in Amsterdam

Walking-with Amsterdam WARP conference, Amsterdam
29 – 30 Sept 2022

From 29 – 30 Sept, CONA’s project manager Damjana Golob Lavrič will be attending this year’s Walking-with Amsterdam WARP conference in Amsterdam.

WARP aims to stimulate a rich transdisciplinary dialogue about how, why, when, and with what results, walking practices are being explored and engaged with in the social sciences, humanities, and the arts.

Along guest speakers prof. Stephanie SPRINGGAY (McMaster University), Goda VERIKATÉ and Aušra ČESNAUSKYTÉ (Neo-futuristic Walks), she will be presenting CONA’s project Sandbox, by our co-founders Irena PIVKA and Brane ZORMAN.

You can check-out the last iteration of Sandbox at this years’s TO)pot sound walks festival here:

Read more about the conference:

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