Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman: vrtPionirk

Performative soundwalk, 40min
Tuesday, 24 May 2022 at 19.30 and at 20.30
Thursday, 2 June 2022  at 20.00

part of the exhibition Zasilni izhod, +MSUM
Start: Cankarjev dom main entrance, Council of Europe Park
mandatory registration:

Performative soundwalk vrtPionirk explores gardens past and present and, in particular, our relation to plants in the urban environment. Artists use the garden on the route as a metaphor, looking for parallels between the Garden of Eden and the political garden. The work deals with a scenario of spatiality development concerning plants and the community’s relation to the planetary ecosystem. It spotlights the movement and journeys of plants, comparing them to those of society and colliding with the temporal discrepancy of the two worlds.

The work addresses the following questions: How does the conqueror instinct of plants work? How and why do they travel, occupy new spaces, and what is the role of pioneer plants that we can observe in our walk? At the intersection of urban and natural cultural landscapes, plants are argued the main protagonists of the urban area. Although often experienced as pleasant, green backgrounds or wildorganisms that occupy urban areas “uncontrollably and invasively,” plants have a designed system of space colonisation. We could call it the “colonialist” system of the flora.

The artists have installed the work on the site of a public expression of political conflict that used to be a garden – urban and socially challenging space for a performative soundwalk, which reflects in work itself. The story revolves around the main protagonist. For many years, the artists have been researching geolocating soundwalks, building on them, and using them as their artistic expression. In the light of the audience, there is an intensely immersive experience concerning place, sound, and one’s walking body.

Text and site: Irena Pivka
Sound composition: Brane Zorman
Interpretation: Irena Pivka, Renato Horvat
Translation: Melita Silič
Production: Cona
Coorganisation: Cankarjev dom
Special thanks to eBralnik, Ida Hiršenfelder, Rok Vevar
Co-funded by MOL kultura and Ministry of Culture RS




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