Festival Sound Walk City · prelude

festival of sound walks, performances and sound works
7 Sep-10 Oct 2021
Ljubljana, Kranj, Cerknica, FM, hybrid environment and on-line

Sound Walk City · prelude is a festival of sound walks, performances and sound works that addresses acoustic ecology through walking as an artistic practice. It is performed in-situ locations and through online and hybrid environments. The prelude is the edition in which the initiators will try to outline the framework and future development of the festival. It is being piloted in Ljubljana and the wider region in cooperation with local partners. The festival is expected to take place every year in a selected city or location around the globe.PROGRAM is available here!

* Sound Walk City · prelude was initiated by the walk · listen · create platform, in collaboration with the Cona Institute. The Ljubljana edition is produced by the Cona Institute, Steklenik Gallery. Festival is part of the project Acoustic Commons

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