Jata C: Bibaret JC210120 – live sound event

Saturday, 3 July 2021 at 21.15 p.m.
Šempas, Nova Gorica
part of the R.o.R festival

Jata C (Flock C) wants to surpass the limited social and economic perception of insects with the work Bibaret JC210120. To highlight and become aware of the meaning of insects within individual ecosystems and, at the same time, also peek beyond the scientific frame.

Artists want to humorously combine scientific findings and environmental facts with social dogmas in their work. In the performance, they will listen to creatures that have the ability of complete body metamorphosis and co-habit with other species in a codependency. They will employ auditory cognition to introduce their own, artistic insight in the form of speculative thought and creativity around the theme of our close co-existence with bugs and other arthropods.

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