Roland Mühlethaler residency

Between 13 and 23 September CONA will host dr. Roland Mühlethaler at the research and art residency at the ReZone Residency, Ljubljana.

Roland Mühlethaler PhD (Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union & studio Tomás Saraceno GmbH) will study local spiders and their webs, help set up a new sound installation (Boštjan Perovšek’s Interweaving Soundscapes) and lead an artistic-research soundwalk during which he will present the Arachnomancy application.

During this soundwalk participants will be guided to find and observe local spiders and their webs. Their encounters will be overlaid with scientific information and narratives provided by the soundwalk leader, who will also instruct them in how to use simple tools (for instance, a tuning fork) to draw spiders from their webs.The spiderwebs can then be geotagged using the Arachnomancy App, developed by the artist Tomás Saraceno and his studio team in Berlin, to open up an interspecies dialogue with spiders.

The findings will contribute to the Arachnomancy’s collaborative map against extinction of global spiderweb dispersal and diversity.

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