Soundcamp 2020_Cona

Soundcamp 2020 
Online festival – part of the project Acoustic Commons
from 5AM UTC+1 Saturday  2 May to 6AM on Sunday 3 May
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Invited artists by Cona: beepblip, Colin Black, OR poiesis, Irena Pivka, Luka Prinčič, Manja Ristić, Robertina Šebjanič and Brane Zorman. We will host the talk with Dr. Maja Zagmajster and Klemen Košelj (Slovenian Association for Bat Research and Conservation and  ubBioLab, Department of Biology, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana) and Dr. Leonie Baier, Technical University of Munich, moderate Brane Zorman.

More about artists’ works in the pdf

Soundcamp is a network of listening points at sunrise on International Dawn Chorus Day. It is the part of Acoustic Commons, an emerging network of live environmental streams which draw attention to the unique sounds of particular places across Europe and beyond. Cona (as one of the Acoustic Commons partners) prepared the part of the program for this year festival. It includes commissioned works, online sound performances and the talk about bats and COVID-19. Due to ongoing unfortunate circumstances whole programme will be taking place online in the form of extended radio event, organized around the Reveil 24 broadcast.


(all times are CEST/UTC+2)

Saturday 2 May
9:00 Irena Pivka EchoWalk
9:30 Manja Ristić slip between them almost
10:00 beepblip Anthropic Frequencies
10:30 Robertina Šebjanič Talks with Grey Heron
18:00 talk about Bats and COVID-19
19:00 OR poiesis Seasonal Paths
20:30 Brane Zorman Metal Pole Woodpeckers
21:00 Colin Black Dreaming Backwards Through Mornin

Sunday 3 May
5:00 Luka Prinčič SCDAWNREM20 
5:45 Brane Zorman, streaming from Ljubljana Marshes (part of the project Reveil)

The important part of Soundcamp will be (as the previous years) project Reveil that in a 24-hour online broadcast relays the sounds of live open microphones tracking the break of day around the globe. Transmitted live on the International Dawn Chorus Day by a network of audio streamers. Streams come from a wide variety of locations, at a time of day when human sounds are relatively low, even in densely populated sites. This tends to open the sound field to a more diverse ecology than usual. The Reveil broadcast makes a space for this surplus by largely avoiding speech and music, gravitating to places where human and non human communities meet and soundworlds overlap.

REVEIL relays the sounds of live open microphones operated by streamers on the Locus Sonus soundmapCyberforest programme, LIDO deep water hydrophone observatory, Biom Open Microphone network, and elsewhere. It spans from formal research to domestic projects and one-off broadcasts.

The Reveil schedule will bring together microphones from open windows, gardens and domestic spaces, as well as open microphones in remote areas, creating a day long audit of the earth in (un)common times. The broadcast works with the Locus Sonus network to share sounds, ecologies and atmospheres as part of an emerging Acoustic Commons.

In 2020 Reveil will feature new streams from a garden in the Lumbisí Valley, Ecuador by Paola Moscoso and Josep Navarro; a Neighborhood Park in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul by Jiyeon Kim and Gangil Yi; a terrace in Chittaranjan Colony, Kolkata by Sukanta Majumdar; and the possibility of whales in the Salish channel off Seattle via live hydrophones by Orcasound.


Colophon Soundcamp 2020 – the part produced by CONA

Organization: Brane Zorman and Irena Pivka
Promotion: Katarina Radaljac
Translation: Katja Kosi
Pictures: artists’ archive
Production: Cona, institute for contemporary arts processing
Partners: network Acoustic Commons – Full of Noises (Barrow, Cumbria), Locus Sonus (Aix-Marseille), Soundcamp (London), Hellenic Mediterranean University (Kreta) and Cyberforest (Tokyo).
Supported by: Ministry of Culture RS, Municipality of Ljubljana – Cultural Department and Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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