Manja Ristić: Language of the psyche – active listening & sound improvisation in newmedia arts workshop

Sunday 15.3.2020 from 15.00 – 19.00, Ljubljana
Monday 16.3.2020, Novo mesto
for emerging newmedia artists with sound interest (max 8 part.)
Participants should apply via Application

Workshop language is English/Serbian, participants should bring their own technical equipments/instruments. Free workshop, part of KONS project.

Workshop is consist of a short introduction in the form of an open discussion and experience exchange (20 min), short listening session (20 min), and practical (2’30 hours) – guided collaborative art creation with exercises. It is designed for intermedia students with strong interest in sound, sound practitioners (undergraduate, master studies), emarging intermedia artists and composers with strong interest in improvisation.
Short introduction will discuss and give references around two main topics: the contemporary physics of sound (perceived in both digital and environmental surrounding), and transposition of physiology of listening (emphasizing the diversity in living soundscape, bioacoustics, environmental sound) and non-living (processed, post-digital, electric and electro-magnetic grid, sound objects) sources of sound) onto construct of communication in improvisational sound practice.

Aim of the workshop is:
– to sensitize students toward more attentive listening
– to present them accurate sound discrimination techniques (dynamics of a soundscape auralization and spectrum)
– to encourage sound creation with diverse inter-media inputs
– to encourage creative exploration through improvisational “gestures” attentive toward immediate soundscape to emphasize distinction between inimitable sound creation and a sound aesthetization

For every performer it is important to understand the overall bodily experience of listening in a complex post-digital surrounding.
The workshop is emphasizing the roll of multi-sensory perception within the conception of an active listening . It proposes ideas on how to look closer into our sensory and perceptional capabilities, in order to support creative cognitive dynamics, within the framework of an improvisational inter-media sound practice and soundscape composition.
Questions that the workshop will also refer to:
How do we use sound (and sound structures in musical expressiveness) to communicate complex psychological content?
What are the tools that we use to maintain dynamic communication in an act of improvisation?
How do we relate to the space in which our sound creation is happening?

In practical session students will learn about intuitive structuring and direct response methods. Practical session will conclude in a collective act of creating – in the format of an improvisational inter-media ensemble.

Application for Novo Mesto send to:
Application for Ljubljana send to:

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