ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO: Anthony Pateras – Maja Osojnik

Anthony Pateras – Maja Osojnik last concert in ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO this year
Wed, May 22. 2019 at 8.00 p.m., Kino Šiška, Komuna
Thurs, May 23. 2019, at 8.00, Centralna Postaja, Maribor

In Ljubljana, Maja Osojnik will perform the solo composition “When I Find Out, I’ll Give You a Buzz”, written especially for this event, for the first time. Alongside a hefty selection of lo-fi electronica, live sampling and CD-player manipulation, she will also use her voice as an instrument. Anthony Pateras, the Australian composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist will explore the psychoacoustic interactions of two synthesizers in a quadrophonic setup along with the audience.

Their collaborative sound work Druck, which was created at the residence in Ljubljana these days. Druck explores simultaneous metamorphosis of interlocking harmonic schema against intricate clouds of abstract sample materials. Sourcing a vast library of timbre from their respective compositional oeuvres, Osojnik and Pateras create a unique space of instrumental music concrete employing collage, linearity and rupture. Referencing the denser works of Ashley and Ferreyra within a completely analogue and real-time framework, this duo executes an uncommon breed of lush fracture.

Production: CONA. Coproduction: Kino Šiška. The concert is part of the 50th anniversary celebration of Radio Študent.

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