FM exhibition of sound and radio art works
Sunday 11th to Thursday15th February, 2018
every day exactly at nautical twilight, from 6:28 PM on
with one minute delay every next day

FM 88.8MHz and  online at

The anniversary of radioCona reveals the ten year long breaking and melting of ice of radio-frequency space, through which it is becoming more accessible for the contemporary art production and offers the public an opportunity to gain sensibility for listening to more complex sound artworks.

More about o radioCona:ICEbreaker FM radio program, events and artists on radioCona.

Pre:gon zime [Winter Exor:cism]
Tuesday, 13th February at 8.00–10.00PM
Kino Šiška, Komuna hall, Ljubljana
radioCona 88.8 MHz and Radio Študent 89.3 MHz

mper-o-mat, beepblip, OR poiesis, Bojana Šaljič Podešva,
Brane Zorman Group improvisation under the leding Boštjan Perovšek.

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