12., 13. and 15. 10. 2017, festival Mesto Žensk
Irena Pivka/Brane Zorman
HODI.TI /2.Walk 
45min, Špica, Ljubljana
In Slovene and English

The number of participants is limited and you need to register at production@cityofwomen.org.

2.WALK is a locational multimedia performance taking place on city streets. It is designed as a sound walk, which the spectator takes on a pre-delineated path and follows it by means of a mobile app and headphones. With the help of sound images, imprinted into the location of the delineated path, she or he traverses between fictive and real situations. The performance intertwines narration and sound with space and path, and offers it thoroughly as experience. The sound image was made at the edges of the Ljubljanica River, taped by binaural and studio microphones.

more about 2.Walk 

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