Saša Spačal/Slavko Glamočanin: Touchscaping

Touchscaping Ecological audiovisual performance

Friday, May 19. Green House Tivoli
at 8.00 pm mag Blanka Ravnjak Skrivnostni svet talne favne
at 8.30pm performance Saša Spačal/Slavko Glamočanin Touchscaping

Saša Spačal and Slavko Glamočanin presents intra-active living sculpture, in which the artist will interact with a nest of earthworms. A system of sensors transfers their touch into visual and audio images. Touchscaping triggers a confrontation with the unclear and the alien within us so that we can recognize the empathy, that otherwise, due to our cultural context, is not allowed to be perceived.

link to blog Touchscaping

Thursday May 25. at 9.00pm,
Garden of Hortikulturno društvo, Gregorčičeva 19, Kranj.

Authors: Saša Spačal and Slavko Glamočanin
Text: Ida Hiršenfelder and Saša Spačal
Costume: Vesna Mirtelj

Produced by: Zavod Carnica in collaboration with CONA, 2017
Residency and Kranj events at stolp Škrlovec and Vrt Hortikulturnega društva: Zavod Carnica
Greenhouse Tivoli event in colaboration with Botanični vrt Univerze v Ljubljani: CONA
Supported by: MInistry of Culture RS and Municipality of Ljubljana
Special thanks to Steklarna Hrastnik, Mirjan Švaglj, Lina Rici in zavod Aksioma.
Layerjeva hiša program is run by Zavod Carnica and is supported by Municipality of Kranj
CONA program supported by Municipality of Ljubljana, Department for Culture

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