Brane Zorman: EMS Memory Trackers

IMG_7256 malaJune 21, 2016 at 21.00
Brane Zorman: EMS Memory Trackers
sound performance

The Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park, Iški morost – birds observatory
45°58’55.8″N 14°28’47.6″E
(coordinates 45.98217, 14.47989)

We live in a world of invisible and inaudible noise in the world of the invisible and inaudible frequency spectra. Universe, galaxies, stars, space dust produce enormous amount of electromagnetic radiation of various lenghts and wave amplitudes raging from thousands of kilometers to nanometers. Part of this Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) is visible light that humans can detect. Astronomical objects that have magnetic field produce radio waves that travel with the speed of light through the space.

Sky ­ our canvas view into space: Look at the sky, strewn with light dots; with meteors, asteroids, satellites fortified in circles, flying in a weightless space, the view of the continuous path of movement without friction and without sound. Photo by the view of the sky we see acts as a two­ dimensional caScreen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.55.34 PMnvas. But this illusion is hiding more spacious time information and other dimensions as you do can be moved. Each point of the image information is composed of an endless parameters and paradigms. Each has its own story, and each story will be used or has already ended.
more about the project EMS Memory Trackers
Hospitality thank DOPPS-BirdLife Slovenia.

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