Robertina Šebjanič and Manja Ristić

Ristic_kvadrat CB_malaRobertina portret 03 by Bostjan Lah_cbTuesday, February 16, 2016 at 20.00 Komuna hall, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, entrance free.

ZVO.ČI.TI DUO is a series of electroacoustic performative sound events premiering works created in collaboration between a Slovenian and an international artist. Curated by: Brane Zorman

Robertina Šebjanič: Vortex  is a sound performance where the repeating rotary motion in a liquid is triggering the “underwater sonic archive” – sound recordings, collected in Nordic and Adriatic sea. Vortex is composing it into new aquatic sound scape. The sounds are featuring a underwater acoustic where the nature and human presence are colliding, as the anthropogenic noises in the sea are overtaking the sound scape environment of the marine life. Technical support: Slavko Glamočanin

Manja Ristić: Violin Revealed – Alternative Guide to Violin’s Sonic Life (2015) This solo performance is part of Manja’s 2015 project Violin Revealed – Alternative Guide to Violin’s Sonic Life. Besides an improvised solo performance, Manja will also present a particular graphic system of notation, developed through a distinct personal approach and attempting to constitute the violin as an all-embracing sound object encompassing a poetic sonic range of unconventional possibilities of creating sound.

more about ZVO.ČI.TI DUO

Robertina Šebjanič (SLO) intermedia artist, is working in the cross field of art – technology – science, with special focus on Living systems (Marine environments). Her project are realised as: AV performances, noise/sound art, symposiums, installations, immersive environments…The context for her ideas and concepts is often realized in collaboration with other authors (artist, scientist, humanist, makers, hackers…), and through interdisciplinary and informal integration embodies in her work.

Manja Ristić (SRB) multimedia artist – violinist, improv performer, sound artist, curator, published poet, reseacher, educator and cultural manager. As a solo and chamber musician of classical repertoire she performed throughtout Europe collaborating with renewed mentors, conductors and performers. After postgraduate studies she turns toward multimedia performans researching in the field of instrumental electro-acoustic performance, sound art, conceptual music, AV installation, applied music, experimental theatre.


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