Anna Friz and Maja Osojnik

ana-majaWednesday, April 8, 2015, at 20.30
Komuna Hall, Kino Šiška

Free entrance!

Triple convert event in The ZVO.ČI.TI DUO series will present two unique artists from different parts of the globe. Anna Friz and Maja Osojnik will perform one solo song each, ending the concert evening with a premiere piece cinema for the ears created for this event. programe

Anna Friz: under lines
Routes and roads, power and pipes, signs and signals. Underground and overhead, they hum, hiss, announce, gurgle, and gulp; flickering and sometimes faltering. Hard and soft infrastructures, in process and in relationship. Sound is a surplus which reveals their activity, their eccentricity, and their ongoing change. under lines is a series of sonic observations, dreams, and nightmares of urban infrastructures gathered from temporary living in multiple cities.

Maja Osojnik: Bleached
Using “mistaken sounds” / sounds that happened in different private recordings, that were ment to fulfill an intended goal, but came out as the result of digital mistakes, unwillingly distorted, overdriven, phase shifted, useless. those unforeseen sounds, the “rejects” now make the perfect reality.

Anna Friz and Maja Osojnik: cinema for the ears (premiere work, 2015)
A live performance collaboration inspired by cinematic atmospheres and methods of sound production, including phonography, foley effects, and musical narrativity. Spaces are conjured sonically, panned across, and passed through, using electronic and acoustic instruments, found objects, and field recordings.

About artists:
Anna Friz is a Canadian sound and radio artist She has performed and exhibited widely across North America, South America, and Europe, and her radio art/works have been heard on the airwaves of more than 25 countries. She is a steering member of the artist collective Skálar | Sound Art | Experimental Music based in Iceland and Berlin.

Maja Osojnik, singer, recorder player, electronic artist, composer, performer born in Kranj, Slovenia, lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Maja Osojnik made a name for herself in different musical fields, such as early music, contemporary, experimental, jazz, free non-idiomatic improvised music and heavy music. She completed with distinction her master studies in recorder and graduated in pedagogic sciences at the University of Music in Vienna, and further studied singing at the Conservatory Vienna Private University in Vienna.

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