Irena Pivka Brane Zorman: Field Frequency Flux at PNEM

tivoliSaturday, 15. Nov 2015, Uden. Netherdalnd
PNEM Sound Art festival
program brochure

Field Frequency Flux is site specific radio art composition, transmitted on local FM radio frequency  with live in-situ FM interventions. Performance experience is based on walking and in the same time in-situ listening to FM radio broadcast and surroundings sounds.

Field Frequency Flux explores and initiates sound, spatial and experiential situations in the face of a diverse urban natural ambience. The venue of the performance, created based on sound-walks, Field Frequency Flux presents a park as a space where to withdraw from the city’s hustle and bustle, overfilled with information, communication and other stimuli that pull us away from listening

In the park, one enters the silence and emptiness of a night. He is equipped with a radio receiver that translates and catches remote electromagnetic sound contents. During the walk, the intercepted messages merge with the sounds of the sleeping nature outside the urban area, which brings an individual toward an organic, earthly sound that contains a syntax very different from everyday language. In this intersection space, full of distant electromagnetic contents and atmospheric sounds of nature, a space for fantasy and for working with memories emerges, which brings about an original and intense experience. Field Frequency Flux is based on everyday activity of walking and everyday sounds, which we often ignore because of an increased noise pollution and our daily routines. Through these unpretentious actions, a spectator is transformed into a ‘composer’ and ‘visual artist’ who reads and composes sound and space images. Field Frequency Flux is an intervention in the “physiology” of a park as a specific, almost utopian space in the urban landscape.

concept of performance: Brane Zorman and Irena Pivka
sound composition: Brane Zorman
space: Irena Pivka
text: Jasmina Založnik
production: CONA institute for contemporary arts processing, Slovenia (2014)

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