Maria Papadomanolaki residency

DALOT_213– 25 Nov., 2013, Ljubljana
KC Tobačna001 /MGML
Maria Papadomanolaki is a Greek sound artist, curator and author, currently based in London. She works within the fields of experimental and electro-acoustic composition, including sound design for dance and video, field recording, telematic performance, installation and radio art.

Her  activities in residency: To begin is to follow on from, production of a new sound piece in collaboration with Slovenian participants, for radioCona: REuse MESTO:REuseRADIO. Preparations for ZVO.Č DUO series with Slovenian composer Bojana Šaljič Podešva.

Maria Papadomanolaki, residents at KC Tobačna001 / MGM, were selected and invited by CONA Institute, which produces her activities at residency.

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