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7 – 16 December 2011, opening 7 Dec. 8:00pm ŠKUC Gallery Ljubljana
ŠKUC Gallery Ljubljana, FM frequency 88.8MHz Ljubljana, radioCona stream

Radio Arts Space constructs a gallery inside radio space, where Sound art and Radio art works are exhibited. It explores all the possible ways of exhibiting and reading Radio and Sound art. The project is also complemented by an (international) platform for the discussion of meanings, contextualization, artistic research and the exchange of sound art works. It is not designed as a hermetic space with all the answers given in advance, but as a structurally complex space, which generates new questions.

curators / artists:: exibition programme :: radioCona programming :: who is who :: supporters :: pdf invitation/kartica :: pdf katalog/catalogue

Radio Arts Space consists from 46 artworks, exhibited by 42 artists from 22 countries.The project Radio Arts Space combines seven independent curatorial perspectives and approaches in its exhibition format (Manja Ristić, Maria Papadomanolaki, Milica Pekić, Ilari Valbonesi, Brane Zorman, Tevž Logar and Robert Sakrowski). The invited curators were given a common starting point: they could choose to put together a selection of works, based on an open call (160 artworks), released by radioCona in May 2011 and/or to choose the authors on their own. This is why some of artists in the exhibition appear several times.

Accompanied events: workshops (Torsten Michelson / Ligna, Robert Sakrowski (CYT)), lecture by Elizabeth Zimmermann, live events and performances (Petra Kapš / 47 (8)>(7) of textual fragments for Radio Art Space, Robert Sakrowski / An Acoustic Journey Through YouTube, Ilari Valbonesi / Ultra Disco, radioCona intervention on the Ljubljana Main marketplace and live skype performance by Brane Zorman with selected artists, the curators’ presentations).

Radio Arts Space vzpostavlja radijske frekvence kot galerijski prostor, kjer se razstavljajo dela, ki pripadajo področju sound art-a in radio art-a. Radio Arts  Space v različnih modalitetah raziskuje pojem razstavljanja in možne načine njegovega branja.  Razstava je zasnovana v različnih predstavitvenih dimenzijah, s čimer odpira številna vprašanja o področjih zvočne in radio umetnosti (sound art in radio art umetniških del).

Radio Arts Space je sestavljen iz nabora 46 zvočnih umetniških del, ki jih razstavlja 42 umetnikov iz 22 držav. Sedmim kuratorje smo ponudili možnost izbora umetniških del po lastnem izboru ter jim hkrati ponudili kar 160 del, ki so prispela na javni poziv radioCone. Pripravili smo okoli 20 ur materiala, ki bo podkrepljen s programom v živo. Spremljevalni dogodi: delavnica (Torsten Michelson / Ligna, Robert Sakrowski (CYT) predavanje Elizabeth Zimmermann, performansi (Petra Kapš / 47 (8)>(7) tekstualnih fragmentov za Radio Art Space, Robert Sakrowski / An Acoustic Journey Through YouTube, Ilari Valbonesi / Ultra Disco, intervnecija radioCona na osrednji glavni Tržnici in Brane Zorman Live skype performance) ter vodstvo po razstavi s pogovori s kuratorji.

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