mass media intervention
authors : Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman;
video supervisor: Urška Vavpetič; music/voiceover: B. Zorman,

produced by: Cona & Exodos /video 20sec Venues and times: Kolosej Cineplex, Ljubljana, from 30 April until 6 May 09, before every performance in every theatre; displays on Šubičeva and Slovenska Streets in Ljubljana, from 24 April until 7 May 09; buses, from 23 April until 7 May 09; displays on Ljubljana Railway Station, from 24 April until 7 May 09; newsagents’ in Ljubljana, from 23 April until 7 May 09

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::For 15th Exodos we were invited to prepare a project dealing with intervention in the arena of media advertising. The video examines various aspects of the popularisation of the artistic profession in mass visual media which function as advertising platforms. It has been conceived as an agitprop campaign to recruit future artists who are to start a professional artistic career and use their creativity either to aid their communities, or merely to boost their egos. on.dis.play; BECOME AN ARTIST YOURSELF. elevates the artistic profession to the pedestal of community service
The photographic material used is taken from a selection of domestic projects featured at the 15th Exodos Festival, and from the Festival’s photo bank.
::Snježana Premuš + Ignaz Schicke, Amplified Body, p: PTL , 2001 , f: Bojan Brecel j Snježana Premuš , Si lent Body, p: Flota, 2008, f: Madster
::Igor Štromajer + Brane Zorman, Ballettikka Internet tikka, p: Virtualna baza Intima, Cona, photo banksfrom projects: Illegallika Robottikka, 2004; M-I I I Robot Ballet, 2003; Olymppikka, 2008; Norddikka, 2008/09
::Dragan Živadinov::Dunja Zupančič::Miha Turšič OHObjekcija Tehnični demonstrator 50::1995-2045
::Maja Delak + Mala Kline, HI-RES, p: Zavod EN-KNAP, Festival City of women, Zavod Bunker/Stara elektrarna, 2004, f: Nada Žgank

Thanks:  Exodos Team, Snježana Premuš, Bojana Kunst, Igor Štromajer, Nada Žgank, Dragan Živadinov
project was suported by City of Ljubljana, Ministry of  Culture  Slovenia

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