venue:  Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport,    date: Dec 8.-13. 2008

sch1 bar1 prihodi
video/ Flight Info. Display System FIDS; a series of 60 sec video clips
audio/ PA at the airport, a series of 30 sec audio spots
informational posters, language – Slovene/English
produced: Maska for festival East Dance Academy co-produced: Cona,   partner: Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d.

link to vest.si – Diaspora na letališču

Audio: audio spot/1 audio spot/2 audio spot/3 audio spot/4

diaspora / dispersion, dia – spore, predpona/prefix: pre-, raz-, za-, čez – raztresti/ scatter, razpršiti – sperma/sperm, sprout /kal, sejati, oploditev zarodek

avto-mali zastava-tuska-diaporam diaspora2 diaspora1
There are various kinds of migrants, illegal, legal, economic and political…You have to make a distinction.
If all the borders were open and people could go wherever they wanted… Some philosophers say that in this case the human race would become extinct. People would devour each other.

A statement from the Head of the Department for State Borders within the Border police Sector





Information for passengers
ARRIVALS: video – 1/ FIDS arrivals / audio – public announcement PA at the airport
DEPARTURES: video – 2/ FIDS departures, 3/FIDS departures SCH, 4/ FIDS 1st floor near border control; audio – public announcement PA at the airport


The term Diaspora refers any population sharing common ethnic identity who were either forced to leave or voluntarily left their settled territory, and became residents in areas often far removed from the former.Diaspora is converse to the nomadic lifestyle. Diaspora cultural development often assumes a different course to the population in the original place of settlement, and tends to vary between remotely separated communities in culture, traditions and other factors.

“Diaspora” is one of the inter-media projects regarding migration. Diaspora is a common identity for migrants within the environment of their new settlement. The members of a Diaspora, as a rule, don’t want to assimilate into their new society and act as if they haven’t moved to another country at all. The artists use audio, video and graphic announcements taken from public spaces within an airport. Short messages are used to show the position of a local community in the wider economic or political sense.

created by: Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman
narrated by: Jelena Ličanin, Matic Munc
production: Maska, producer Tina Dobnik
co-production: Cona
partner: Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d.
for the festival East Dance Academy
This project was financially supported by The City of Ljubljana, Department for Culture

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