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Luka Prinčič is a musician, sound designer and media artist. He has participated in a number of sound-music and multimedia projects. In addition to publishing web albums, he has been active in Ljudmila and Kiberpipa and is the administrator of, an art-server/community. Prinčič is the author of audio-visual and electro-acoustic performances and multimedia actions in physical and mental-emotional spaces (Music for Hard Disks; Retrospections: Maya Deren; Waves in Public: Squares). As a sound designer and adviser, he collaborates with artists, activists and producers of festivals and conferences at home and abroad (Ars Electronica, Adam Hyde, Borut Savski, Jodi Rose, Luka Dekleva, Marko Košnik, Eclipse, Neven Korda, Kapelica Gallery, Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, MFRU, Netmage08, EMAF07, Device_art, Maja Delak...). His work focuses on personally reflective and socially critical use of new technologies within contemporary audio-visual contexts. Most of his work is based on hacker ethics and DIY philosophy. Currently, he is most interested in the intersection of subjectivity, techno-science, net culture, AV-media and sound.

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Co-Effectuation: Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič aka Wanda & Nova deViator

The collaboration between Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič began in 2009 with the performance Ways of Love and continued with Frozen Images – the latter was credited to the pseudonyms Wanda and Nova deViator. Maja Delak is the 2010 recipient of the Prešeren Foundation Award, a choreographer and a dancer, who has behind her a considerable number of collaborations with different musicians, dancers, actors and choreographers. The same goes for the musician, DJ and intermedia artist Luka Prinčič, who first appeared as a performer precisely in the joint projects with Maja Delak, while Wanda, in this exchange, picked up the microphone for the first time, wrote the lyrics for their trippy electro tracks and also sang them.

Their projects intertwine many – often colliding – languages: rhythm, voice, music, noise; video, photography, theory; manifestoes, poetry. It seems that their reparatory investigation, this courageous picking up from all over, wagered on the possibility of their own surprise over the outcomes of their collaborative process and over what may emerge from their overlapping, dissonances, resonances, slips and congruencies. It seems that their wager is won – as they have offered to home audiences a new aesthetics and politics; well, at least to that part of the audience who missed or overlooked the Ljubljana-based queer dissidents from the ’80s.

Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič’s performative events scream with punk ethics and kistchy porn chic aesthetics, which also come together in the Western grassroots or DIY feminism of the “third wave”. I was reminded of the fact that this feminism skirted the borders of our country precisely at their appearance at the International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns, where Frozen Images resonated as a genuine manifesto! It was a moment of relief and joy and empowerment, because the authors intentionally and unbendingly, passionately and sexily, approached the themes that are rarely dealt with in our space, certainly not at the same time: lust for enjoyment, anxiety, hypersexualisation and pornification of our bodies, violence, idealisation of love, and of course – the motor of everything – consumerism.

Ways of Love meanders between the sampled, or temporarily “frozen”, scenes of two types of gender roles: those marked with violence and those founded on consensual submission and dominance. The insight into how to become aware of the power relations in relationships and how to break the vicious circle of violent love is disclosed in the performance precisely with the emptying of form – which could not be other than violent and painful. The second performance event, Frozen Images, raised a possibility of stirring up and overcoming the violence we exert over ourselves under the pressure of the buy-and-sell images of Sex Appeal, Beauty, Health, Youth and Success – with laughter. With lust. With objectifying to our own taste. With our own perverseness and again – with love.

This sumptuous and made-for-all-senses multimedia work by Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič is a genuine cut’n’paste, a swift image and sound collage that allows for many readings and listenings, many feelings and reflections. But only after one tears away from the fleeting images and voicings; only after one dances to the wild riot grrrl version of You Don’t Own Me, with Wanda and deViator jumping all over the stage. And this may very well be the most beautiful achievement or co-effectuation of Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič’s collaboration: their accessibility and clarity – despite the work’s decentredness – makes their work inspiring and empowering. And also because, ultimately, the “you” from You Don’t Own Me does not refer to a man made of flesh and blood but rather to Mattel or some other corporation that imposes patriarchal patterns of behaviour for everyday use.

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Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič (Wanda & Nova deViator) are an artistic/performative duo who work with a variety of media (performance, sound, video, physical computing, texts, situations) in order to research and artistically reflect the state of contemporary living.

Their collaboration, which started in 2009, includes:
multimedia performance Une Facon d'Aimer (2009), multimedia performative concert Wanda & Nova deViator: Frozen Images (2010), clubbing event Resistance (2010), audio-visual performance Sublimation Revision (2011), video Skin-Deep Screens (2011), telepresence streaming performance Transmittance (2011), soundworks Fragments from a Deviant (2009), ZVO.ČI.TI (2010) and WIRELESS FEELINGS by The Sweetest Band (2011).

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Luka Prinčič aka Nova Viator

Luka Prinčič, aka Nova Viator, fragments on radio art / tetsuo kogawa / xl experiment, 2009, time: 01:01:20

Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič (Wanda & Nova deViator)
photo: Anton Roca

Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič (Wanda & Nova deViator), 2010, time: 00:42:02

Texts inspired by: WNDV  Frozen Images Artists’ Statement, S. S. Tomkins (Affect, Imagery, Consciousness), Ariel Levy (Female Chauvinist Pigs) read by Jana Wilcoxen, Judith Butler, Annie Sprinkle.


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