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The accordionist Luka Juhart belongs to that generation of young Slovenian musicians, performers and interpreters who are enthusiastically, painstakingly and passionately devoted to contemporary music repertoires. That is, to performing contemporary classical music works of the past century as well as current compositions of foreign and home composers, with whom Juhart collaborates very closely already during the composition process. These compositions often balance precariously on the verge of performability, on the very edge, which not only demands exceptional skills and a refined ear for music – thus intentionally or unintentionally nurturing the virtuoso in the performer himself – but also a considerable ability to co-create, to participate in decision making and to offer initiatives and decisions about how to read the music and other composition materials. Juhart attracted the attention of the wider Slovenian public with compositions by Vinko Globokar and by Uroš Rojko, with whom he often appears in smaller chamber ensembles. Juhart completed the bulk of his studies abroad, as an instrumentalist. After graduating from the Maribor Music High School under Prof. Andrej Lorber, he enrolled in the class of  Prof. Hugo Noth at the Academy of Music in Trossingen, Germany. In 2005, he graduated from music pedagogy and in 2006 received an art degree. In 2008, Juhart completed his Master’s degree in the class of Prof. Stephan Hussong at the Academy of Music in Würzburg. Juhart is a multiple winner of international and national competitions, the recipient of the 2001 Roman Klasinc Award for exceptional achievements, the 2002 recipient of the DAAD foundation award for best exchange student at the Academy of Music in Trossingen, Germany, the recipient of the Iris Marquardt Preis Award for best student at the same school, and the 2008 recipient of the Golden Bird Award for music. Besides recording for numerous national and foreign radio stations and collaborating with countless prominent home and international chamber, orchestral and other ensembles, Juhart spends most of his talents collaborating with the contemporaneous generation of composers. Among others, he has collaborated with Thomas Larcher, Klaus Huber, Eduardo Demzo, Volker Heyne, Adrian Seiber and Stefan Beyer. At home, he regularly collaborates with Vinko Globokar and Uroš Rajh, and among the younger generation of composers, with Bojana Šaljič Podešva and Matej Bonin, for example. His interpretation of Matej Bonin’s composition for accordion, percussion and a plastic tube “One Man Band” premiered this year in the event “Forgotten, Overlooked”; while in 2008, Juhart boldly entered the field of electroacoustic music with the composition for accordion and magnetic tape “Meditation on Presence”, composed by Bojana Šaljič Podešva. This year, Juhart appeared alongside the Aventure Ensemble and the Freiburg Anton Webern Choir in Uroš Rojko’s work “King David”, which was performed in Slovenia and abroad. He also participated as a soloist in Vinko Globokar’s composition for accordion, percussion, choir and orchestra “Radiographie d’un Roman”, which was performed at this year’s edition of Donaueschinger Musiktage. Juhart is noted not only for a broad repertoire, encompassing a wide range of classical works, not only for virtuosity and an ear for contemporary streaming in music, but also for his playful attitude toward extended performing techniques, toward electronics and electroacoustic sound, as well as for flirting with performativity, such as is needed, for example, in the interpretation of the extremely demanding piece by Vinko Globokar, “Dialogue Uber Luft”, which Juhart performs regularly. Alongside redefining the accordion in the Slovenian space, with which he is stepping into a circle of contemporary Slovenian accordionists such as Bratko Bibič, Marko Hatlak and others, Juhart’s main value and distinction lie precisely in his ear for the works of young Slovenian authors. And besides performing on big national and international stages and at festivals of classical music, Juhart keenly traverses as well as confronts his creativity and interpretation with other currents. Thus, he has already appeared at Festival Earzoom and in the series of concerts Confine Aperto. At the end of this year, Juhart will release his debut solo album, which he is preparing together with Institute Sploh and which will finally position him properly into our space, which Juhart already surpassed long ago.

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After graduating from the music high school in Maribor under Professor Andrej Lorber, Luka Juhart enrolled in the Trossingen School of Music in Germany, where he studied with Professor Hugo Noth. In 2005, he obtained his graduate degree in music education, and in 2006, his artistic degree. In 2008, he completed his post-graduate studies in Professor Stefan Hussong’s master class at the Würzburg University of Music.
He has won a number of prizes at international and national competitions, received the Dr. Roman Klasinc Award for exceptional artistic achievements (2001), the DAAD Award for the Best Foreign Student at the Trossingen School of Music (2002), the Iris Marquardt Preis Prize (2003) as one of the best students at that school, the Golden Bird Award (2008) and many others.
He has studied with various artists, such as Tomaž Lorenz, Margit Kern, Ivan Koval, Christoph Bossert and others. He regularly records for various radio stations (RTV Maribor, RTV Ljubljana, RTV Zagreb, ÖRF, RAI Bozen, SR Saarbruecken, BR Klassik) and performs as a soloist or in chamber ensembles across Europe. His collaborations include works with Christophom Bossert, Julian Belli, Olivier Vivares, Tomaž Lorenz and Jerko Novak. Recently, he has been performing primarily with the clarinet player and composer Uroš Rojko. As a soloist or guest musician, he has performed with the Windkraft Ensemble, the Avanture Ensemble, the Slovenian Philharmonic, the Reuttlingen Chamber Orchestra, the orchestra of the Academy of Music in Würzburg, the ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Munich Chamber Orchestra, the Saarbrücken Radio Symphony Orchestra, and others, under the baton of Kasper De Roo, Diego Masson, Christoph Poppen, Alexander Liebreich, Bertrand de Billy and others. He collaborates extensively with contemporary composers. His regular collaborators include Uroš Rojko, Vinko Globokar, Thomas Larcher, Klaus Huber, Eduard Demetz, Volker Heyn, Bojana Šaljić Podešva, Adrian Sieber, Stefan Beyer, Matej Bonin, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf and others.

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Luka Juhart

Luka Juhart, 2010, time: 01:28:21


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