Miha Milek, aka Errorist

Miha Milek, aka Erroist, has brought a fresh wind into the home electronic music landscape with penetrating, ambient, soft music, which in its core superbly intertwines the sound and approaches of contemporary electronic music trends with experimentation, historically anchored in electroacoustic music and in contemporary audiovisual performances. His music has a flexible and permeable structure into which Milek spontaneously enters through improvisation, both at the level of the layering and shading of melodies, rhythms and pulse as well as that of sounds and noises, occasionally even acoustic instruments. It is precisely with this split that Milek is able to avoid his electronic music – which builds on an atmosphere and follows the line of ambient music from Brian Eno onwards - being over-saturated or watered down. At the same time, his music is permeable enough to be influenced by the current contents of electronic music, from the more conventional beats of the downtempo sphere to the more immersed, bass-deepened, physically present pulses of dub and dubstep, though without any anxiety or obscurantism. Miha Milek, aka Errorist, released his first compositions from 2007 and 2009 in the Klub K4 compilation of young Slovenian electronic music ‘K4 Format’, which he later upgraded with the long playing Hovercraft, released by the internationally renowned label RX:TX. His live performance has been boosted by collaborations with Jure Legac, with whom he makes audiovisual performances called ‘Errorworld’. In these events, the audiovisual world of errors is looped, sampled and composed into a rounded entity, unfolding between the precision and coolness of the digital and the warmth and roundedness of the analogue. In 2010, Milek performed as Errorist in Slovenia’s clubs in the frame of the Radio Student project Club Marathon and recorded two compositions for the compilation Club Marathon 10. In the same year, he remixed two compositions of the home electro duo New Wave Syria, blending them into his ambient milieu. Milek currently lives and works in Berlin, where he appeared in this year’s Berlin edition of Sonica - Festival of Transitory Arts. And transitory also is his music; and it is precisely this that makes it fresh and interesting.

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Errorist is the musical alias of Miha Milek, a 30-year-old biochemist-by-day and musician-by-night. Apart from a glimpse of classical music education (a few years of piano lessons and music theory), he works as a researcher in biomedical sciences, but has also been making beautiful noise by unconventional means for a number of years. In his work, electronic soundscapes are always combined with acoustic instruments, which upon additional processing leads to an interesting mixture of ambient and drone elements as well as post-folk and psychedelic tunes, sometimes seasoned with crackling electronic rhythms and homemade percussion.
Along with some experience in composing and producing a film soundtrack (nor.filmogradnja.si) and several poetry scores, he has so far released two original productions on K4 club compilations (K4 Format). His long play debut entitled Hovercraft, released in 2010, consists of elements of dark ambient, improvisation, noise and lo-fi aesthetics combined with psychedelic melodies and glitchy beats. This is a fresh product of something rather strange, perhaps even dissonant and wrong to some ears but nevertheless essentially melodic.
In his live performances, he collaborates with Jure Legac (alias VJ Dot) to perform “Errorworld”, an audio-visual world of errors in sound and picture. It is based on improvisation using live looping of synthetic sounds and various effects, but without previously prepared samples. Each set thus offers something new, as it enables the creation of multi-layered sound and visual materials in a live environment.

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Miha Milek aka Errorist
photo: Zaš Brezar

Miha Milek, aka Errorist, 2010, time: 01:17:56


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