ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO + Sleep koncert

antena1 copy-1 malaTuesday 17. January 2017, 8.00pm
Kino Šiška, Komuna and on FM and stream 3. program Radia Slovenija – program ARS and radioCona

8.00 pm ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO: Alessandra Eramo and Jaka Berger (8.40 EBU satelits)
9.20pm cake
9.30pm Sleep concert: Mauricio Valdes/Jure Pohleven, Ana Kravanja, Samo Kutin, Irena Tomažin, Eduardo Raon/Wolfgang Schloegl, Andrej Hrvatin/Gaja Klas

part of FM exhibition radioCona:wolFMoon

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RC_wolFMoon_1_malaFM sound art exhibition and events.
January 12. – 19. 2017
on FM 88.8MHz, radioCona and on locations

radioCona will start on Thursday, January 12., on the occasion of the full moon, named wolf moon and will tune in at twilight for eight nights in a row. Every evening at 6:20pm, at the time when day turns into night. More on radioCona

In collaboration with RTV Slo program ARS, Kino Siska, Botanical Garden University of Ljubljana, JSKD and OE Oddajniki in zveze.

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Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman: Walk the City

IMG_4744Vetrinjski dvor, Maribor 40 – 60min
Wednesday Oct. 15. at 4:00pm
symposium: Vitalna zvrst na robu medijskega prostora, 51. Borštnikovo srečanje
Walk the City_english info

Walk the City is a multimedia performance, a sound map designed for the viewer to enter and follow by way of a mobile phone application. By listening to sound images imprinted in carefully selected locations in the city centre, the viewer is thus crossing between fictitious and real situations. The map connects sound with space, offering them as a whole to be experienced or reflected upon. Between spaces as they are. And spaces as they were. Or could have been. Or may yet come to be

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Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman: WALKING the Aphelion

sonica_fb_soundwalk_izrezWednesday, October 1st, 2016 at 6.30PM
in front of Rastinjak park Tivoli, Ljubljana
soundwalk / sound map
duration: 30min / 2.4km
In cooperation with Sonica festival

more in Slovene

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Peter Sinclair: Other Kinds of Sound Environment

portret copy 2exhibition / performance RoadMusic (car rides)
14.– 23. Sept. 2016, Aksioma Project Space
Opening: Wednesday, Sept. 14. at 8.00pm

Embarking on the rides from Aksioma Project Space (20 min)::
Wednesday 14. 9. from 18:00 to 21:30
Thursday 15.9. from 17:00 to 19:30
Friday 16. 9. from 17:00 to 19:30
Drivers: Alenka Pirman, Luka Prinčič and Brane Zorman

Cars: BMW 2 Series Active Tourer iPerformance and BMW 3 Series iPerformance
Reserve your seat: cona(at)cona.si

The Exhibition Other Kinds of Sound Environment will present the projects: NewAtlantis, RoadMusic and Locus Sonus Stream ProjectThe event accompanying the exhibition offer’s free rides around the streets of Ljubljana in cars equipped with the RoadMusic application. The author will be present to answer your questions and the cars will be driven by local artists.
IMG_7291 copy-izrez

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radioCona:0.2425 rebroadcast on WGXC 90.7-FM

rcradioCona:0.2425  FM soundart exhibition
August 1 – 5, 2016,
every night 12.00 – 6.00am (UTC/GMT- 4)
Wave Farm Radio, New York
WGXC 90.7-FM: Hands-on Radio

links: WGXC 90.7-FM schedule and radioCona

Curated by: Francisco Lopez, Elena Biserna, Eric Leonardson, Brane Zorman, Irena Pivka, Jasmina Založnik

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A double soundwalk for #WLD2016

pot2Irena Pivka
From Švicarija to Bellevue
park Tivoli, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Monday 18 July at 6:29 morning
Distance 1.8 km, duration 21:21min
SoundCloud recording


za image foto soudnCloud in BZ web

Brane Zorman
From the former town tavern to the former military barracks
Molat island, Croatia
Monday 18 July at 6:29 morning
Distance 1,3km, duration 7:04 min
SoundCloud recording

Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman dedicated their two short early morning sound walks to the #WLD2016 event focusing on Sounds Lost and Found.

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Brane Zorman: EMS Memory Trackers

IMG_7256 malaJune 21, 2016 at 21.00
Brane Zorman: EMS Memory Trackers
sound performance

The Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park, Iški morost – birds observatory
45°58’55.8″N 14°28’47.6″E
(coordinates 45.98217, 14.47989)

We live in a world of invisible and inaudible noise in the world of the invisible and inaudible frequency spectra. Universe, galaxies, stars, space dust produce enormous amount of electromagnetic radiation of various lenghts and wave amplitudes raging from thousands of kilometers to nanometers. Part of this Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) is visible light that humans can detect. Astronomical objects that have magnetic field produce radio waves that travel with the speed of light through the space.

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soundtent_2015_edit_30pcan online performance and in-situ events
Saturday, 30 April – Sunday, May 1, 2016
radioCona and Rastlinjak Tivoli, Ljubljana

radioCona is joining the soundcamp/Reveil in a day-long transmission that continuously from the microphone to the microphone at daybreak travels around the globe.

Starting on the morning on Saturday, April 30 just before daybreak in Rotherhithe near the Greenwich Meridian, the Reveil broadcast tracks the sunrise west from microphone to microphone, following the wave of sound that loops the earth every 24 hours.
radioCona:soundcamp created by: Irena Pivka, Simon Macuh, Brane Zorman.

Find more about the project and Ljubljana programe;: radioCona.soundcamp (in slovene language)

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Samo Kutin and Boris Baltschun

boris_malasamo kutin - Foto Nada Žgank_cb-kvadratTuesday, March 22, at 20.00,
Center mladih Koper,
Gregorčičeva ulica 4, Koper

Wednesday, March 23, at 20.00,
Komuna hall, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
Entrance free.


ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO is a series of electroacoustic performative sound events premiering works created in collaboration between a Slovenian and an international artist.

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