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radioCona:0.2425 FM exhibition

Sunday, 28.2. to Thursday, 3. 3. 2016 Every night starting at nautical twilight (6:16pm) FM 88.8MHz and website programme broadcast (pdf) Highlights: premieres sound art works Slovene artists and sound event Francisco Lopez.   Live events radioCona: 0.2425 Sunday, February 28, sound walks Park Tivoli in front of MGLC 17.00 Simon Macuh: Sprehodi za čuječnost 18.16 Irena Pivka/Brane […]

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Brane Zorman: Čazven

17.- 30. August 2015 FM and in-situ sound work  (14.22 min) church tower Sv. Marjeta and radio Sora, Slovenia sound work for exhibition, Hiša na hribu, Sv.Marjete in village Žlebe near Medvode, organization CCC institute.  

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sobota 2.maj (16:00) – nedelja 3.maj (6:00), 2015 radioCona, KSEVT Vitanje radioCona is joining the project Reveil, British arts organizations soundCamp, in a day-long transmission that continuously from the microphone to the microphone at daybreak travels around the globe. more

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15.– 19. Feb 2015, from 19:09* (FM exhibition) radioCona FM 88.8MHz, Ljubljana and stream  radioCona:ZimaFM is an exhibition project that takes place across an FM frequency. It brings together and presents a selection of works combining the medium of radio or sound with a winter landscape, with a special focus on nighttime. more about: radioCona boadcast program, artists […]

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Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman: rAdioGreatings

5. – 12 Dec 2014, Pixxelpoint2014 Festival Cultural Center Nova Gorica more

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Brane Zorman, Irena Pivka: Field Frequency Flux

Invisible Places Sounding Cities Sound, Urbanism and Sense of Place, 18–20 July 2014, Viseu, Portugal Field Frexuency Flux  19 July at 21h, Radio VFM 94.6FM and Parque Aquilino Ribeiro Viseau soundwalk (40min), site specific performance using local FM broadcast Participants are invited to bring portable radios or mobile phone with FM app and headphones. Field Frequency Flux is site specific radio […]

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radioCona participates in Reveil broadcasting

Sat, May 3, 5.00 am – Sun, May 4, 6.00 am,  2014 (UTC 0+1) 24 hour broadcast of the sounds of daybreak radioCona microphone will be active on May 4, 2014, 4.30am – 5.30am from Molat island, Croatia, facing east at daybreak. more on radioCona site  

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Colin Black

Februarja Cona v sklopu mednarodne rezidence JSKD gosti avstralskega umetnika Colina Blacka, mednarodno uveljavljenega skladatelja, zvočnega in radijskega umetnika. Colin Black: Akustični prostori – predavanje 10. feb. ob 19:00, Trubarjeva Hiša Literature Colin Black: Kilian’s Antipodean Dream – live sound performance sreda, 12.feb ob 21:00, Beli Šum, Centralna postaja, Maribor Video in avdio prenos v živo! Colin Black:  […]

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radioCona REuse MESTO:REuseRADIO (FM exhibition) & Anna Friz City at Night (gallery exhibition)

radioCona 88.8MHz and online (direct link to U stream) every night from about 7:15pm, from Wednesday 15 until Monday 20 January 2014. broadcast program :: premiere works :: artists and works Anna Friz City at Night Thursday 16 January at 7 p.m. at the CC Tobačna 001. exhibition opening  

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sound works premiere

Wensday 15.january 2014 at 01:00am Collaboradio, 88.4 MHz Berlin Marko Batista Night After Night Vasja Progar A Study in RFI Mikro Loop  

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